About Us

We are a group of Savitri lovers. We meet weekly to read the Epic together. After a few years, some of us felt that this could be put to Hindustani Classical Music.

We deliberated as to whether it would be sacrilege to put poetry of this stature to music. Neither Sri Aurobino nor any of his poetry loving disciples have ever mentioned that Savitri is lyric poetry. Hence, all the more reason for our apprehension.

Then we consulted some of the learned pandits on Savitri. They quoted Mother’s conversations on Savitri. After reading certain lines from various parts of Savitri, she remarked on different occasions as follows:

“These are beautiful lines. They should be put to music”.
“This is mellifluous poetry which can be sung.”

Mother’s statements gave us the courage to start musicalising Savitri to hindustani classical.

The first production, Books 11 and 12 were well received by Indian listeners. It’s duration is 3hr-45mts.

It needs some enhancement in quality and will be taken up shortly.

The first production was financed by the group and thereafter we formed a non profit trust consisting of the four members of the group. This can be expanded up to nine members.

We started collecting donations from interested persons within the country. We were able to make a second production of Books 4 and 5, duration of 5 hours, and a third production of Book 3, duration of 4 hours. You can download them for free here.

We are now launching the fourth production, Book 7 which is expected to be 2 discs of 4-5 hours each.