About This Work

Savitri is the well known Epic Poetry of SRI AUROBINDO; it is a revelation and consists of 24000 lines of Blank Verse in which one can find the truths of all religions and the spiritual experiences of all Mystic Saints through the ages all over the world.

Some of us felt that in there is an undercurrent of music in this sublime poetry.

We put some part of it to music and found that, Savitri lovers can indeed enjoy the poetry at a higher level of consciousness if heard in a musicalised form.

The promoters of the idea being Indians, chose the hindustani classical style of music which is easy to adopt to English diction. It is the experience of listeners that hearing this musical rendering during meditation enables them to meditate for longer periods.

We avoid saying that this Poetry has occult or ‘mantric effects’ on the mind of listeners so as not to be classified as sectarian since Savitri is universal and embraces mankind of any religion. Any effects felt by individuals will be subjective and deeply personal.

We chose to make Books 3, 4 and 5 available for free download. Books 11 and 12 will be made available as when they are given final shape.

So far we have spend an equivalent of $US 18,500. We need another $US equivalent of 60,000 to complete the entire Epic. The immediate target for Book 7 is $US 15,000. We need your support be way of generous donations for this great cause which will eventually demolish the religious barriers across humanity and make it a Devine whole radiating Love and permeated by Love.

Savitri Musicals are available for free download